For most events yes. We primarily use PDF print-at-home tickets that are sent to your email address as they are the most safe and secure ticketing option, and tickets can be easily re-printed if lost.

We require your name to be printed on your ticket, matching your ID. Security will be checking this on the day.

We do not offer the option of simply processing a ‘name change’, this is a measure we have introduced to reduce ticket scalping and ensure ticket purchasers are not scammed when buying second-hand tickets.

No. It’s your responsibility to resolve any ticket issues with us prior to the event. Please check your spam folder before contacting our Ticketing provider, if you are still not able to locate you must contact prior to the event. If you do not contact prior and try to claim a refund after the event, no refund will be provided.

If you are not able to find your tickets on event day please proceed to the front gate with your identification (Driver’s license, passport, proof of age card) and we will do our best to locate, this is not guaranteed.

Please contact Eventbrite Help centre: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/support Ensure you have checked your spam/junk folder in case that is where it has gone

Please contact Eventbrite Help centre: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/support

Tickets bought in person from outlets are unlikely to be able to be refunded or replaced under any circumstances. In the rare occurrence when replacements can be issued, a replacement fee will be charged. We recommend purchasing tickets online as most online tickets can be either reprinted or replaced, but please review the terms and conditions when you purchase tickets to confirm ticket replacement policies. Please keep your tickets safe.

We will not tell you if a ticket is valid. Tickets to our event can be cancelled at any time up to and including the day/night of the event for a variety of reasons. Therefore we can never guarantee the validity of a ticket unless bought from an authorised outlet. In addition we do not support re-selling of our tickets. Many people have bought tickets from scalpers only to find when they arrived at the event, the tickets were fake, invalid or cancelled by the original purchaser. We strongly suggest you don’t risk it and only buy your tickets from authorised outlets.

If you can no longer attend this event you must use our official resale facility, Tixel. Once resale is open you will be able to safely resell your ticket. Tixel provides a safe marketplace allowing people to buy and sell tickets for this event hassle-free. More details will be released closer to the event as ticket resale is currently not open.

We do not offer the ability to process a ‘name change’. If you have arranged to sell or give your ticket privately to a friend, you can simply list the ticket for sale and before the final confirmation (in step 4), select the 'private listing' option. You can then send the private ticket link to the new ticket holder.

If you have purchased a second-hand ticket from someone ‘offline’ (through Facebook, gumtree etc) you will be required to transfer the ticket using our official ticket resale partner, Tixel, so that we can guarantee the validity of the ticket and so the name on the ticket matches the ID of the ticket holder.

If someone has purchased a second-hand ticket from you ‘offline’ (through Facebook or selling to a friend etc) you will be required to transfer the ticket using the Tixel facility as per the instructions below. Or alternatively, if you have purchased a ticket for a friend and the ticket is in your name, you will need to use these steps below in order to update the name.

Using Tixel, sell your ticket privately to your intended purchaser (the person whose details need to be on the ticket).

To do so, please login to Tixel and select the ‘Sell tickets’ option. Select the eventbrite logo and connect the same email address you used to purchase the tickets via eventbrite. Follow the prompts to upload your ticket/s, and before the final confirmation select the option ‘private listing’ to ensure your ticket/s is not released to the public for sale. You are then able to share this link to your intended purchaser, allowing you to transfer the ticket from one Eventbrite account to another.

Ticket sales are final, There are no refunds available.
If you can no longer attend for any reason you must sell via Tixel.

Please bring your expired ID along with as much supporting documentation as possible in order to gain entry to the event.

Please contact: info@originfields.com.au

Origin Fields will offer a Re-sale facility at our discretion once the event has sold out.

Once Tixel is activated, NO sales or purchases via unauthorised sites eg Gumtree, Viagogo, Ticketmaster & ticketek re-sale will be accepted due to the high level of counterfeit and inflated prices attached.

Tickets purchased via Tixel will incur a name-change fee.

Every ticket sold via Tixel will be will be guaranteed to be real and ensures a safe transaction for both seller and purchaser.

Any tickets sold or purchased via third party ticket sites or by any other method than the official ticket site or resale site will be cancelled without refund and not gain access to the event.

Resale of tickets via any means other than the Official Resale Facility contravenes the terms and conditions of the event and may result in the ticket holder being denied entry to the festival.

Origin Fields reserve the right to open and close resale facility at any time. Any tickets not sold via resale when closed will be returned to customers account. Origin Fields is not liable for any unsold tickets.

Only purchase tickets from Eventbrite or registered ticketing partner. If in doubt check the Origin Fields website.

We do not validate re-sold tickets purchased via sites such as Gumtree or Ebay or any third party re seller sites.

Re-sold tickets on sites such as Ticketmaster Resale, Viagogo & The Ticket Merchant can be fake, not valid or cancelled due to names not matching the customer using tickets.

There is no way to know if a ticket you are buying from sites like these is valid so would advise caution.

In addition, tickets are only valid if the name on the ticket matches your ID. Re-sale sites have no means of applying your name to our tickets.


As you can imagine we have thousands of photos from the event, unfortunately we can not put up all photos online.

A selection of the best photos are put up on our website / Facebook page. If you cannot locate your photo it could have been taken by external photographers.

Event Info

As a general rule we don’t have a dress code at any of our events, but you do have to wear shoes. Sometimes though venues may impose restrictions but we will have these listed in Event Procedures if there are any restrictions.

As a general rule we don’t have a dress code at any of our events, but you do have to wear shoes. Sometimes though venues may impose restrictions but we will have these listed in Event Procedures if there are any restrictions.

Alcohol, illegal substances, video and audio recording devices, opened water bottles, stickers, promotional materials, weapons, glass, aerosol cans and spray paint. Our outdoor events are often even stricter as they are held in sensitive venues and for that reason you also can’t bring: tents, furniture, inflatables, eskies, bags of ice, super soakers, anything that will stake the ground or harm the venue.

Yes, unless otherwise stated. Please make sure you bring photo ID to all our events.

If you have lost something at one of our events, please contact lostproperty@originfields.com.au and we will endeavour to get back to you within 7-days post event.

You must be 18+ to work or volunteer at Origin Fields. Please send your expression of interest for volunteering or working at an event by contacting info@originfields.com.au and we will point you in the right direction.